Frequently Asked Questions


Q:    What are your studio hours?

A:    We are by appointment only. Please call the office to schedule a    consultation.


Q:    How far ahead are you booked for weddings?

A:    We book weddings up to two years before the scheduled wedding date.


Q:    What is your payment schedule?

A:    The total cost is broken down into four payments. The first payment is due upon signing the contract.


Q:    Do you take any formal posed photographs?

A:    Yes, we do take family pictures on your wedding day. However, we try to keep the posed photographs limited. We concentrate on more artistic shots as well as documenting the day as it happens.


Q:    Do you do table shots?

A:    Typically, no. If you do request table shots, the cost is $45 per table. The bride and groom must accompany the photographer when they are being taken.


Q:    Do you offer cinematography services?

A:    Yes. We have a film department in the studio. We offer film services for the wedding day with one or two videographers as well as “Same Day Edits”. All film edits are done in-house.


Q:   Do we have a timeline to fill out before the wedding and meet with our photographer?

A:  Yes. You will fill out a timeline sheet provided to you by the studio, 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding and then  make an appointment to come in to the studio, to go over this timeline with your photographer.

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